Ghana Institute of Journalism waives fee arrears for Nineteen (19) students

The Ghana Institute of Journalism has waived fee arrears for some nineteen students of the Institute. The gesture was in response to scholarship applications received from the affected students for the 2019/2020 academic year.

The nineteen are made up of fifteen Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies students, five of whom are in Level 400, seven in Level 300, and two in Level 200. The remaining four are second-year students offering Diploma in Communication Studies.

The COVID-19 pandemic afforded management of the Institute no room to subject applicants to interviews and other necessary evaluations to determine their qualification for the support. In the light of the difficulties of the period and the financial needs of applicants, management has decided to waive the arrears of the nineteen students instead of awarding full scholarships.

The Academic Affairs Unit of the Institute was directed to register the beneficiaries for the 2019/2020 second semester examinations in a letter signed by the Registrar, Dr. J. Sika Akoto pending the completion of all internal processes for funds from the GIJFund Scholarship to be applied to defray the arrears.

The GIJFund Scholarship was instituted in 2019 by the Institute to cover the tuition of brilliant undergraduate students facing demonstrable financial challenge. In exceptional circumstances, support is extended to freshmen.