Alumni & International Relations


The Unit of Alumni and International Relations was established in 2020 to promote, support and coordinate all facets of alumni and international relations comprehensive range of activities of the Institute.

Role of Alumni and International Relations Unit

  1. Management and coordination of alumni activities such as liaising with the association, preparing alumni newsletters and setting up range of engagement activities with the Alumni.
  2. Recruitment and management of International students.
  3. Facilitates the development of formal international agreement with potential partners.
  4. Manage international collaborations with faculties
  5. Work with the academic to coordinate students and staff exchanges, research collaborations and study abroad programs.
  6. Serve to enhance the international image of the Institute and further the university strategic International goals.
  7. Provision of hospitality to all international visitors, students and faculty members.


Your gateway to the Alumni community wherever you are in the world.  join our social business and professional network and stay informed about major happenings. 

You will get access to enjoy some benefit packages, and gain business opportunities from your colleagues and many more.


Once you have graduated, you form part of the alumni community and GIJ remains your intellectual home. Whether you want your transcripts, attestation letter, campus and off campus library services or pursue another program, the Alumni Relations Office can help you in the right direction.  Please contact Or


GIJ Alumni are a critical component of our development agenda. The management is currently seeking for all Alumni who have benefited greatly from the education they received from GIJ to donate to support for the development of faculties and the image of their alma mater.

Alumni Testimonials

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