Online Registration Process

Semester Course registrations are confirmed to indicate the acceptance of the student to take the
end-of-semester exam for the confirmed course(s) and also select their course groups.

A. Steps for Online Semester Course Registration

  1. Enter your Student Identity Number and Password respectively in the spaces provided ( Your default password is the same as your “Student Id number”. Click on the Login This will direct you to the dashboard where you will follow the next instructions to register for semester courses including.
  2. When the Instructions appear please read carefully and click on the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Course Registration
  4. In the Semester Course Registration section of the tab page, locate and click on the “click to register courses” button to confirm the courses after you are done selecting the groups and print proof of registration for future reference.

B. Password Reset:

  1. On the menu click on “reset password” to change your password.
  2. A window will open for you to change your password from the old to new and click on submit to effect the changes.

C: Password Reset:

Do you need help? Click on chat now icon on the page and let’s start a conversation.

D. It is important to note the following:

    • A student would not be able to register for the semester if the required fee for the semester is not paid.

    • Students should report challenges they encounter during registration to the Academic Affairs Registry.