Public Affairs Unit

The Public Affairs Unit is an administrative organ which has the responsibility of helping the Institute realize its vision and mission through creating partnerships, building and maintaining effective internal and external relationships and serving as the key information source for internal and external publics of the Institute.


The key functional areas of the Unit include:
a) Public Relations/Protocol
b) Documentation & Information
c) GIJ Radio/Campus Broadcasting Services.



Detailed functions of the Unit include:

  • Management of Press/Media Relations.
  • Conduction of perception studies.
  • Controlling and regulating the Institute’s notices/notice boards, posters, banners,
  • Documentation of the Institute’s history, culture and symbols.
  • Publication of document.
  • Provision of photo coverage for Institute functions.
  • Management and monitoring the Institute’s website and intranet in concert with the IT Department.
  • Management of Institute’s Front Office.
  • Handling Convocation matters.
  • Handling all Corporate/GIJ Strategic Communication and
  • To carry out such other duties as requested by the Management.


Brief History

The PR Unit was established in January 2017 to create a positive image of the Institute and to facilitate communication between its publics.

Our Objective

We have a general objective of establishing effective internal and external relations by providing up-to-date information concerning activities undertaken by the Institute.

We strive to communicate precise and timely information on academic issues as well as on relevant administrative matters to the Institute’s community in order to facilitate the overall academic endeavor. We also make necessary and accurate information available to both the academic and administrative staff to facilitate informed decision making.

Daniel Machator

Daniel Machator

Assistant Registrar
Brigitte Ampah

Brigitte Ampah

Assistant Registrar