Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences (FICS) within the Institute of Journalism, University of Media, Arts and Communication (UniMAC). FICS is a highly sought-after faculty to prepare you for a successful career in communication. We provide exciting educational opportunities for students regardless of their gender, backgrounds and locations.

Vision & Mission


To become a leading faculty which produces topnotch professionals for industry and academia through excellent research and innovative teaching and learning in communication and other social sciences for sustainable societal transformation.


To provide impact-focused education and training in communication and other social sciences to support the vision of UniMAC through inter-disciplinary research and innovative teaching approaches that allow academics, industry professionals, alumni and students to work together.

Other Relevant Information

The research areas of our faculty include:

Media, Culture and Society
Political Communication
Development Communication
Human Communication
Policy communication
Language and Public Communication
Gender and Minorities
Technology, Communication and Social Change
Climate change and sustainability communication