Dean’s Welcome Message

Dr, Odoom

Dr. Daniel Odoom



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Welcome to the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences (FICS) within the Institute of Journalism, University of Media, Arts and Communication (UniMAC). FICS is a highly sought-after faculty to prepare you for a successful career in communication. We provide exciting educational opportunities for students regardless of their gender, backgrounds and locations.

As the largest and most diversified faculty within the Institute, FICS integrates communication science and other social sciences to provide our students with time-tested unique academic experience. The Faculty has three departments: Communication Studies, Language and Communication Skills, and Integrated Social Sciences. We offer very experiential and well-structured programmes which prepare students to successfully confront real-life problems. For example, our BA in Development Communication programme is a very experiential programme which offers students the opportunity to read exciting courses such as Advocacy for Development, Communication on Labour and Migration, Communicating Food Security, Behavior Change Communication, and Project Management.

Similarly, our MA in Development Communication offers very relevant courses including Communication for Social Change, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Development Communication Strategies, and Communication Policy. Again, our MPhil in Political Communication Management covers interesting courses such as Campaign Management and Planning, Risk and Crisis Communication Management, Political Communication Strategies, Contemporary Issues in Media and Cultural Studies, and Integrated Communications. The Faculty also runs Diploma in Communication Studies, and MA in Political Communication Management programmes. The experiential nature of our programmes anchored on discovery learning philosophy uniquely positions FICS as a faculty well-prepared to educate and train professionals to meet the contemporary communication and social change challenges.

Apart from running our own programmes, FICS supports the Institute in various ways including offering all core courses which students within the Institute are required to read to qualify them for graduation. The Faculty boasts of highly qualified and experienced full-time and adjunct lecturers drawn from academia and industry. Our lecturers employ appropriate pedagogies and innovative approaches which inspire critical thinking among our students. We also have experienced administrative staff who provide excellent support services to promote teaching and learning.

At FICS, we keep evaluating our programmes, structures and strategies to consolidate our relevance in meeting the needs of students, industry and society. We continue to improve upon our staff strength to reflect the changing demands of the University and the larger society. As Dean, I keep encouraging and challenging lecturers and administrators to develop newer strategies and measures to help us serve our students and society better.