Dean’s Welcome Message

Dr Modestus Fosu

Dr. Modestus Fosu


Faculty Secretariat


On behalf of all our staff and students, I am delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences (FICS) at the Ghana Institute of Journalism!

At FICS, we integrate Communication science and other social sciences to provide a solid foundational and lateral academic experience for all students.  We pride ourselves in being the largest and most diversified Faculty of the Institute as we offer a rigorous core of well-structured undergraduate and diploma courses across three departments: Communications, Languages and Social sciences.

FICS provides a broad base and strong pillars to support the Institute in achieving its mission of being a highly academic professional communications institution. We offer core courses that are essential for later specialization in diverse communications disciplines like Public Relations, Advertising, and Journalism among others.  As Dean, I deem it a required obligation to ensure that all students in the Faculty gain the necessary foundational and interdisciplinary understanding of the fast-evolving and broad communications landscape.

The Faculty is staffed with highly qualified and experienced full-time and adjunct lecturers drawn from academia and industry. They apply appropriate pedagogies that encourage critical and lateral thinking. Our administrative staff are also well trained and provide the necessary support that engenders a congenial environment for teaching and learning.

The Faculty for Integrated Communication Sciences (FICS) keeps evaluating its structure and program offerings to remain relevant in serving the needs of students, industry and society. We have revamped our staff strength, as a result, and we will soon announce other important changes in the Faculty.