The Paper Development Workshop organized by the Directorate of Research ,Innovation and Development(DRID) of Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ) ended with a call on lecturers to avoid predatory publishing of their research work.

The workshop was held in the institute’s seminar room at the North Dzorwulu campus on 28th January, 2022. The  participants were lectures and staff of the Institute.

Dr. Etse Sikanku  the Director of DRID  mentioned that the purpose of the  workshop was to provide faculty with peer-reviewed guidance and expertise for the development manuscript, ideas and abstract to conference and quality journal, to help mentor young upcoming academics and to help strengthen and improve research papers among others.

Mr. Yaw Odame Gyau a senior lecture in the faculty of public relations, advertising and marketing presented a research work he is currently working on with Dr. Ebenezer Malcoom a lecturer at Ghana Technology University College ( GTUC) for peer review. The topic was “ COVID 19 pandemic and the adoption of E-learning as an alternative learning : The perspectives of tertiary students”. He stated that the research focused on level 400 students at  GIJ and GTUC.  The objective is to understand the perception of students towards e-learning and challenges they faced .

As part of the peer review session , Dr.Etse Sikanku  recommended  some journals this research could be published on which  includes Insight on Africa, A Journal of Contemporary African  studies, New Media and Society, Digital Media and Communication among others.

Mr. Paul Herzuah a lecturer in the journalism and media studies faculty also presented a  research he is currently working on for review. His research topic was ”A semiotic investigation into president Akuffo Addo’s COVID 19 speeches”. He stated that the purpose of the research is to understand the ‘image text interaction’, thus the  correlation between the outfit of the president and his message .

During the peer review of Mr. Paul Herzuah’s  research work,  some lecturers came out with a topic he  could consider for future research which is “ How has the public been able to  decode the COVID-19 message of the president”?

Mr. Bright Senanu a lecturer at the Department of Integrated Marketing Communication took participants through a session on things to  consider before choosing a journal to publish your research .He stated that it is important to research on a journal before publishing your work on it. This is  because, if you don’t use the right  journal for your research work  you won’t get the desired feedback.

 He therefore  encouraged lecturers to publish their research work on renowned journals like Web of Science, Scopus, Schimago,  the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) and  so on in order  to enhance the reputation of the Institute , help ease their career development and secure them a promotion.

The Director of DRID  Dr. Etse Sikanku ended the workshop by stating  that DRID has similar event line up for the semester.