The Ghana Institute of Journalism is organizing a paper development  workshop on 28th January, 2022. The event will be  organized under  the auspices of the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Development(DRID) of the institute.

This workshop will take a look at  providing an avenue for the faculty to engage in scholarly discussions geared towards conceptualizing and developing papers for publication in quality journals.

The workshop  will be attended by the lecturers of the institute, and will be held at the Main Auditorium of the North  Dzorwulu campus at 12 noon.

Dr.Etse Sikanku, a senior lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism and Director of the Directorate  of Research, Innovation and Development (DRID),  stated that the purpose of the workshop is to give faculty the opportunity to share their research ideas, discuss and give feedback to further develop papers for research publication.

He added that people attending the workshop should expect safe space filled with quality discussions.

DRID has similar events lined up for  the  semester.