The Special Issue (Volume 8 No. 1, December 2022) of the Journal of Communications, Media and Society (JOCMAS) is ready.  

Themed “Africa’s Digital Youth and Media and Information Literacy Competencies and Practices”, the issue comes with the following articles: 

    • Introduction to the Special Issue: Africa’s Digital Youth and Media and Information Literacy Competencies and Practices 
    • Analysis of Ethical Concerns in Social Media Use Among Youth in Nigeria 
    • Youth and Media Consumption in the Covid-19 Era in Mauritius 
    • Exploring MIL Opportunities in Senior High Schools in Ghana: Perspectives from Teachers and Students 
    • The Relationship Between Media Literacy and Ethical Usage of Social Media Among the Youth in Ghana 

The journal can be accessed at the UniMAC-GIJ Digital Repository via the link  

https://repository.gij.edu.gh/handle/gijdr/595 or through the QR code below: 



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