In consideration of an appeal by some concerned students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Management has resolved not to recognize the current appointed executives of the Student Representative Council (SRC) as the bona fide student leaders of the Institute. Some students petitioned the office of the Dean of Students and other principal officers to intervene in student governance since the current leaders were not legitimately selected by students through elections as required by the SRC Constitution. After weeks of discussions with the appointed leaders and students opposed to their appointment, the Dean of Students submitted a report to the Rector. In order to restore peaceful academic work and legitimate student governance, Management deliberated on the factual and legal basis for the appointment of leaders of the SRC and decided as follows:

    1. Appointment of students to hold office as SRC leaders is alien to the SRC Constitution and in any case did not follow the procedure for the selection of student leaders as stipulated in the SRC Constitution. Accordingly, Management refuses to recognize the unlawful appointment of SRC executives and advises the appointed leaders not to hold themselves out or allow themselves to be held out as representatives of students of GIJ.
    2. By the powers vested in the Rector of GIJ to oversee the smooth running of the Institute, and backed by Management decision, the Rector directs that the Dean of Students, in accordance with the Act and Statutes of GIJ, shall oversee the welfare of students and liaise with student representatives to draw a timetable to hold elections to select leaders of the SRC-GIJ in accordance with its Constitution.
    3. Students shall elect a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of seventeen (17) students representing the various constituencies of the student body to act on an interim basis to put in place structures, institutions and a timetable for the conduct of elections. The elected students shall liaise with the office of Dean of Students to ensure a smooth transition from an interim student body to the election of permanent leaders in accordance with the SRC Constitution.
    4. Students who are aggrieved by this decision may petition the office of the Dean of Students in writing within two weeks of publication of this notice.