Eric Boansi Agyekum

Mr. Eric Boansi Agyekum


Mr. Eric Boansi Agyekum is a lecturer in the Journalism and Media Studies Faculty at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. He has extensive knowledge in media and communication from both academia and industry, having worked in journalism and advertising before joining GIJ.

Prior to joining GIJ, Mr. Agyekum was a teaching assistant at GIJ in 2013 and a graduate teaching and research assistant at University of Ghana in 2015. On account of his impressive academic performance, Eric was awarded a FiBL-sponsored scholarship to conduct a research into dissemination of information on organic soil fertility to farmers in Ghana in 2015. He has collaborated with researchers from University of Ghana, Switzerland, Mali, Kenya and Zambia.

Since he joined the Institute, Mr. Agyekum has handled several courses, including Broadcast News Writing and Reporting, Community Journalism, New Media, Information Gathering, Communication Research Design and Analysis. He has supervised undergraduate project works, term papers and long essays.

He is a member of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and University Teachers Association of Ghana, of which he serves on the National Executives Committee (NEC). He is also a member of GIJ’s Convocation Council and Executive Committee of the University Teachers Association of Ghana, GIJ (UTAG-GIJ). He played an instrumental role in reviewing various GIJ policies, including anti-sexual harassment, faculty appointment and promotion, academic and travel policies.

Mr. Agyekum is passionate about teaching and seasoned in the application of innovative teaching and learning techniques to stimulate students’ interest and enthusiasm. He has led students to produce digital stories, community newspapers and newsletters, blogs and websites.

  • New Media
  • News Writing
  • Community Journalism
  • Research Design and Analysis
  • Communication Theory
  • Information Gatering and Media Literacy
  • Journalism in the Digital Age
  • Digital Media Use and Effects
  • Online Activism
  • Media Representation
  • Computer-Mediated Communication
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