Priscilla Teika Odoom (Dr.)

Dr. Priscilla Teika Odoom


Dr. Mrs. Priscilla Teika Odoom is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing, Ghana Institute of Journalism.

  • PhD, Marketing
  • MPhil, Marketing
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Education
  • BBA, Marketing
  • University of Ghana
  • Valley View University
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • Academy of Marketing Science (AMS)


  • Principles of Advertising
  • Introduction to Environmental and Health Communication
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Book Chapters

  1. Kodua, P., & Mensah, P. (2017). The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Influencing Brand Loyalty: Evidence from the Ghanaian Telecommunication Industry. In P. Rossi (Ed.), Marketing at the Confluence between Entertainment and Analytics (pp. 77-90). Springer, Cham.
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  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Health Service Marketing/Communication
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