Collins Adu-Bempah Brobbey (Dr.)

Dr. Collins Adu-Bempah Brobbey

Senior Lecturer

Dr Collins Adu-Bempah Brobbey is currently the Dean of School of Graduate Studies and Research, a married man, a church leader and a counselor, a bilingual, morally affable, a good social mix, openness and he has a great respect for authority. He usually engages in community works and research. 

Dr Brobbey has an uncommon attitude towards achieving academic excellence and transferable skills, maintains integrity and professionalism in his academic and professional fields. He always strives hard to build and drive systems towards achieving institutional vision and mission through team work, selfless attitude and great consciousness and confidence.

  • Dr Brobbey was a 2015 Postdoc Fellow in Conflict and Development Studies, he holds a PhD in Neopatrimonial Politics, Democracy and Development (African Studies); B.A.Hons in Political Science and History; MPhil in Political Science ; ACCA Level I in Financial & Cost Accounting, Business Law and Information Technology;(vi); ‘A’’ & ‘O’ Levels in Accounting, Economic & French.
  • Dr Brobbey attended a number of prestigious institutions including; University for Peace, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon; University of Ghana, Legon (Dept of Political Science); Eddie Nikoi Accountancy & Consultancy, Osu-Accra; Labone Secondary School. Labone-Accra and Adu-Gyamfi Secondary Schools.
  • Dr. Brobbey has membership with a number of professional bodies including Ghana Association of Writers (GAW); the African Dignity Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Eurasian Multidisciplinary Institute (ESI) Tbilisi, Georgia; New Generation of Social Science Research Fellowship; Ghana Studies Association (GSA) Fellowship; US-China Law Review Journal, (UCLRJ) and an Affiliate member of the Africa Peace and Conflict Journal (APCJ). Additionally, he is a Founding Partner of the Health Concern, Ghana; Founding member, Amrahia Church of Christ; Family Life Mission Ghana; the Church of Christ Counselling Ministries; and the Church of Christ Counselling Ministries
  • Kennel Jackson Junior Scholarship Fellowship Awardee (University of Ghana, Legon); UPEACE-IDRC Continental Scholarship Awardee (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia); UPEACE-IDRC Postdoc Fellowship Awardee (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
  • From the time i was appointed as a lecturer in March 2007, I have taught a number of short, diploma, degree and postgraduate courses include; Introduction to Political Science;Political Institutions; Government and Politics in Ghana; Politics and Development; Information Gathering Research; Communication Research Methods;Approaches to Communication Research;Doctrines, Theories and Concepts of Development;The Role of the Leader in the 21st century;Time Management in Customer Care and Event Planning; Managing the Difficult Boss and Customers; Politics and Leadership in the 21st Century International and Ghana Context;; Social Framework of Economic Development & Africa in the Contemporary World (Institute of African Studies, UG, Legon); African Political Economy Governance; Role of Leadership and Institutions in Resilience and Humanitarian Action & Philosophy of Social Sciences Research Methodology (University for Peace, Addis Ababa Ethiopia)
  • The Politics of UTAG-Government Impasse: A study of UTAG’s Strike Actions 1994/95 Academic Year
  • The Politics of Energy Crises in Ghana: A case of of the Hydroelectric Energy Crisis- 1982-97.
  • Neopatrimonialism and the Democratic Processes in Ghana;A Case of Ghana’s 1992.
  • Re-Democratization. Youth Unemployment and Radicalization in Africa.
  • Also, he has supervised a number of undergraduate and postgraduate project works, MA dissertations and MPhil theses as well as a Doctoral thesis.
  • He has reviewed books for publication and also served as a reviewer for journals including the JOCMAS.

Dr Collins Adu-Bempah Brobbey’s research interest reflects multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary fields., they include:

  1. African Neopatrimonial Politics
  2. Democratization, Development. and Globalization
  3. Governance and Leadership issues
  4. Political and Development Theories
  5. Political Economy
  6. Youth Unemployment and Radicalization
  7. Public Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation (Public Policy Analysis)
  8. Conflict, Security and Development studies,
  9. Philosophy of Social Science Research Methodology
  10. Writing for publications and Policy brief
  11. Politics of Energy Crisis
  12. Elections, Political Participation, Culture and Socialization
  13. Management of Ghana’s Jubilee Field oil and gas revenues, accountability and prospects 
  14. Community development and governance
  15. Adversarial politics
  16. Trajectories of Land reforms in Post-Colonial African States (Land conflict in Southern Ghana), political economy of land banking
  17. The Political Economy of Xenophobia in Africa.

Dr. Brobbey’s research interests lay within the neopatrimonial politics, development ,democracy and the democratisation processes in Africa as well as the socio-politico-cultural dimensions of technological innovation in Africa. He has fourteen (14) research works out of which he has nine (9) articles in refereed journals to his credit. These include “Dynamic and Trajectory of The Youth’s Participation in Democratic Practice in Ghana’s Fourth Republic” (2017) and “The Logic of Neopatrimonialism and Democratic Deepening: A Case of Ghana’s Fourth Republic” (2015). He has two book chapters and a policy brief on the theme Towards a Viable Energy Policy for Mitigating Hydro-Electric Power Crises in Ghana “UPEACE Africa Policy Series” to his credit

Dr. Collins Adu-Bempah Brobbey has participated in, and presented papers at twenty-seven (27) seminars, workshops and conferences within and outside Ghana. For instance, as a participant and Discussant: Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN) Workshop on Quality Assurance for Higher Education Leaders (QAHEL) June 19-22, IBIS Lagos Airport Hotel, Lagos Nigeria. Association of African Universities (AAU); Special Guest, Participant, Presenter and Discussant International Conference on Advanced Trends in ICT and Management (ICAITM 2017), Theme: “ICT for Economic Prosperity, Good Governance and Development” Title of paper presented “Technology Innovation Governance and the Impact on Ghana’s Democratic Experiences’ BlueCrest University Campus, Monrovia, Liberia; Participant, Presenter and Discussant: African Dignity Forum (ADF), African Union Building and National State Theatre Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: July 25-30, 2016. Participated in the Workshop on Developing a Curriculum for Teaching MA/MPhil and PhD Research Methodology held at United Nations (UN) Conference Center Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. August 1-6, 2016; Participant and Presenter: International symposium on Peace, Governance and Security in Africa with theme, “Towards Delivery on Peace, Governance and Security in Africa” held at United Nations (UN) Conference Center Addis Ababa, 2014, jointly organized by University for Peace (UPEACE) Addis Ababa Ethiopia and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) from 28th – 30th April 2014. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia etc.

  • Dr. Brobbey has held a number of management, academic and professional positions of leadership within GIJ. He is the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, effective January 2021. From August 2018 to December 2020, he was the Acting Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research (SoGSaR), GIJ; he acted as the Deputy Rector of the Institute from January to December 2018. He was the Head of the Department of Social Studies from August to December 2017. He was the Convocation Representative to Academic Board from January 2015 to August 2017. His interest in research led him to be the Coordinator of Research from 2009 to 2010. He Co-founded the GIJ Journal of Communication, Media and Society (JOCMAS) in 2009 from when he has served as the Deputy Editor to date. In 2007, he founded and served as the leader of the GIJ Lecturers’ Union until 2010 when the name of the Union was changed to GIJ Branch of the University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (UTAG). From 2010 to 2014, Dr. Brobbey served as the first President of the Association. Beyond the boundaries of GIJ, Dr. Brobbey serves as an Adjunct Lecturers to the Institute of African Studies, UG, Legon, a task which he started in 2013 to date. He is also a Visiting Assistant Professor for the University for Peace in Addis Ababa Ethiopia since 2016.