Short Courses

The Institute offers short courses for practitioners and the general public in communication-related areas.

The courses include:

  • Radio and Television Presentation
  • Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing
  • Advanced Advertising
  • Advanced Public Relations
  • Advanced Communications
  • Advance Marketing
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Action and Strategic Planning
  • Radio Journalism
  • Online Journalism
  • T.V. Journalism
  • Writing Skills
  • Photo-Journalism
  • Contemporary English Language
  • Events Management
  • Customer Care
  • Writing for Newspapers & Magazines
  • Effective Public Speaking, Speech Writing and Presentation

To address specific and training needs of organizations, customized courses can be arranged with the Institute.

For further information/enquiry contact the Institute on Tel: 0302-228336/ 0269-501772/ 0244211964 /0277-44609

In addition to the above courses, the Institute organises tailor-made courses for organisations on demand.

The programme runs throughout the year, please contact the Registry on 0244211964 for the Calendar.