Department of Advertising

This department was built on the understanding that Marketing and Advertising are very crucial management functions that are critical to the survival of organizations, especially in an era where multiple brands keep springing up each day and scrambling for limited customers.

Therefore, this department is tasked with the responsibility of creating and managing theoretical and practical courses that prepare students for the advertising and marketing industries in Ghana and beyond.

Courses taught by the department

  • COD 114 – Introduction to Advertising

Course Description: This course is aimed at equipping students with the basic concepts and tools used in advertising. By the end of the course, students should have a full and firm grasp of what advertising is all about.

  • COD 215 – Advertising Production and Layout & Design

Course Description: The course will lay emphasis on the very sensitive but practical areas of advertising. Students at this level will be conversant with the practical steps in copywriting, idea development, brief writing, script writing, print ad production, radio ad production and TV ad production. This creative and challenging discipline equips students with contemporary advertising design and production skills.

  • COMS 211 – Principles of Advertising

Course Description: This course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of today’s advertising profession. The primary focus is to acquaint students with the role of advertising in the Ghanaian economy and the social system and the procedures involved in planning advertising campaigns. There will be laboratory sessions for practical work.

  • CSPR 310 – Advertising Creative Strategies

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the theory and application of advertising writing and design.  It covers a wide range of topics including the nature and history of creativity in advertising, communications and advertising theories, planning and preparation of advertising messages for mass media and specific techniques and executions used in various media.

  • CSPR  401 – Strategic Marketing and Planning

Course Description: This course seeks to drive students’ attention to the most significant strategic problems of marketing management in modern business as opposed to discussing basic concepts of marketing by equipping them with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to operate within a changing digital space in a global context.

  • CSPR 403 – Web and Print Material Production

Course Description: The goal of the course is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of students in developing effective communication materials (web & print). It also seeks to increase student’s understanding of the various approaches and trends within the fields of web & print materials production and to build practical skills in developing effective, positive communication materials.

  • CSPR 404 – Advertising and Society

Course Description: This course is a survey of the social implications of consumerism and advertising as an economic and cultural force. The course examines consumer culture and advertising, focusing primarily though not exclusively on Ghana and explores the varying approaches used by advertisers. It approaches advertisements as texts, sounds and images that shape or reflect the cultural attitudes and norms of society. This course thus provides a cultural approach to advertising and its history to understand advertising as a central component in capitalist economies and its role as an indicator of cultural attitudes and ideologies. It examines consumer practices, the role that consumerism plays in identity, social trends, and style, and the consequences of a society structured by consumerism.

  • CSPR 409 – Advertising and Media Planning

Course Description: This course seeks to enable students understand the various categories of Advertising Media-the role of Media plan in campaign processes, the principles for creating a comprehensive media plan, the tactics in media selection buying and negotiation and the role of Advertising Media in Business, Marketing and Practice.