Department of Social Sciences

On behalf of faculty and students at the Department of Social Studies, I warmly welcome you to the Ghana Institute of Journalism and the Department. The Department of Social Studies is part of the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences. Faculty members of the Department are also cognate staff members of other Departments. The Department supports faculty/staff scholarly work geared toward the promotion of the Mission and Vision of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) and the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences (FICS).  The Department approaches leadership and professional service underpinned by creative problem-solving attributes, allowing flexibility and participation in the shared governance.

The Department’s disciplines include sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy, history and anthropology and our training is largely based on offering students a theory-driven social science education interlaced with some level of practical/experimental training and research. The primary mission is to teach these multi-disciplinary courses to students seeking to fulfill the general education requirement, to acquire specific and general knowledge in sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy, history and anthropology disciplines, and to provide support for professionalism in communication and media programs. The Social Studies Department approach to teaching and learning is designed to enable the media and communication graduates act out their professionalism with the needed knowledge, ability and skills required of a social scientist in the present day contemporary dynamic global society.

Currently the Department is working on introducing two BA degree programs: BA in Integrated Studies and BA in Media Psychology, which are rigorous and will encourage independent/critical thinking and research. It is the Social Studies Department’s mission to provide professional expertise while serving as a resource for the faculty, the University (Institute) and the community through scholarly works.

I wish you the best of everything, excellent accomplishments and God’s blessings!

Jonas Kodwo Anson-Boateng
Head of Department