Department of Language and Communication Skills

Welcome to the Department of Language and Communication Skills.

The Language and Communication Skills Department of the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences at GIJ was established to improve teaching and learning of languages in relation to communication. The overarching philosophy of the Department is that language is the essential tool for communication; it is the mode and the medium for communication. Without language there would not be communication.

The Department oversees the teaching of languages at the undergraduate level. The Department now has two units: English and French. These units facilitate the study of language across the curriculum in order to equip students with the optimum competence and proficiency for both personal and professional linguistic development and satisfaction. We also have a Language Centre which is established to enhance the teaching and learning of international Languages (English and French) and other languages used in Ghana as vectors of communication.   The Centre also runs certificate courses in English from beginner to proficiency levels for students from English and non-English speaking countries. It is open to the public especially communicators and Broadcasters and other professionals who want to have a professional training in the use of language for work.  In addition, we run a well-equipped French Language Resource Centre which seeks to enhance the delivery of French teaching and learning by providing a variety of exciting services and educational materials for teachers and students.

The Language and Communication Skills Department is committed to excellence in language teaching and research with an interdisciplinary focus. The adoption of the Functionalist Approach to language teaching and learning is to help produce high-level man-power that will enable us to communicate effectively to enhance personal, corporate and national development.

The Department seeks to equip students with the required language skills that will enable them to use language creatively and be able to respond appropriately to the creative imagination of themselves, society and the environment. We offer a wide range of thrilling courses at the undergraduate level, both in literature and in language use. These include Language and Study Skills, Creative Writing, Introduction to Literature, English Language Usage and Basic French for Communicators. We intend to introduce a few new courses which will prepare our learners to meet some of the demands or challenges of the job market. They include English phonetics and phonology of English, variety of English, stylistics, textual analysis and conversational analysis.

Our internationally known faculty members include communication and media studies specialists, linguists, translators, creative writers, literature specialists and writing support scholars.

We warmly invite you to visit our pages and get acquainted with our efforts at training language professionals in  the languages department.

Mr. Dickson Amexo
Head of Department