Department of Communication Sciences

The Communication Department of the Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences embodies a collection of variant communication-related courses all geared towards the awards of both Diplomas and Degrees.

The Department runs a total of eighteen (18) courses every academic year and is continuously re-evaluating its courses in keeping with the times and demands of the career environment by adding more relevant courses and revamping existing courses to produce well-rounded Communication professionals.

With an oversight of teaching activities particular to communication, the Department monitors and structures learning to optimize lecturer and student performance. Lecturers under this department are allied with other departments and disciplines, offering students the opportunities to explore beyond the typical providences of Communication.

With courses in areas such as Globalization and Development, Information Gathering and Research, Gender and Development, offered by the Communication Department GIJ graduates have made their mark in both national and international arenas as well as in other disciplines such as law, medicine, and finance. These professionals shine on the field as journalists, communication managers, researchers, media managers, political communicators, administrators and organizers, media practitioners, development communication experts, and academics.

In keeping with our agenda of ensuring that our graduates remain relevant to industry and national development, the Communications Department is excited to announce the introduction of new programs in the 2021/2022 Academic year. Watch this space for more information on the exciting new programs.

Dr. Lawrencia Agyepong
Acting HoD, Department of Communications